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The Next Generation of Mental Health is Immersive 

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The most engaging  way to improve your mental health 

Our next-generation immersive mental health platform makes users active participants in their healing, has built-in social features, and leverages the true power of virtual reality. 

Evidence-Based Mental Health Therapy & Coaching 

We offer highly engaging on-demand therapy sessions and interactive cognitive behavioral therapy games based on proven treatment protocols. We have multiple research studies underway and are developing comprehensive programs that improve common conditions like anxiety, stress, and depression. 

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Over 20 Majestic Environments to Meditate in

We take users to serene and relaxing environments for guided meditations that help them experience calm and peace. Being in nature ( even digitally ) contributes to improved physical well-being, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. 

Bringing the Human Connection to VR

Our live support sessions facilitate community, personal growth, and encouragement in a safe space among a group of people who share common problems and experiences. 

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Experience Personalization

The personalization of natural VR-based environments, activities, and music is a key element that we use to facilitate a sense of presence and relaxation. 

Extensive Content Library 

We are building a comprehensive library of therapeutic experiences and on-demand evidence-based programs to provide users with engaging and effective mental health treatments in virtual reality. 

 Accelerating Innovation with 

Leading Technology

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