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Medical Virtual Reality Research

Innovative Treatment Regiments 

All of our virtual therapies undergo clinical validation and follow proven frameworks that utilize modalities such as CBT, ACT and mindfulness. 


In the Hospital or at Home 

We are developing virtual reality therapy programs that can be used in the hospital or at home in order to increase the access to much-needed mental healthcare 

Clinical Alliances

We are collaborating with several leading cancer centres in the US and are set to launch several observational studies and a large-scale randomized control trial in 2022 

R&D Pipeline

We are pursuing rigorous testing to demonstrate our immersive therapy program's effectiveness in treating multiple indications such as cancer-related distress, anxiety, and depression. 


Unique Psychosocial Cancer Treatments 

Mental health conditions that arise from cancer treatment are clinically distinct. Patients living with mental health conditions as part of their cancer treatment deserve therapeutics developed specifically to address their unique clinical presentations.

Pursuing Cutting Edge Discoveries 

Past studies have found that VR therapy can help shorten the length of treatment, reduce anxiety and save on time and cost.  Our team is passionate about contributing to Medical VR Research and collaborating with cancer centers around the world to expand VR use and provide positive benefits to patients. 

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