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2022 A Year in Review - Rocket VR Health

Looking back on the past year, it's clear that Rocket VR Health has made tremendous progress towards our mission and achieved some major milestones. First and foremost, we continued to drive technological innovation in our industry, introducing new products and features that have set the standard for our competition. Our team grew significantly, both in terms of size and skill, allowing us to take on more ambitious projects and achieve even greater success.

We also forged new partnerships with companies and organizations that share our vision for the future of our industry. These partnerships have provided us with valuable resources, connections, and opportunities to expand our reach and impact.

But perhaps most exciting of all were the numerous awards and accolades that we received throughout the year. Being recognized by our peers and industry experts is always an honour, but this year, the number of awards we won was truly staggering. We were named one of the top companies in our field by CB Insights, were honoured by Tech in Motion and Boston innovation as start-up award finalists, and were featured in leading publications for our research.

It's clear that the past year was a pivotal one for us, and we're excited to see where our continued innovation, team growth, and strategic partnerships take us in the future. We are confident that the upcoming year will be even more successful than the last.

Highlights of the Year:

  • Completed development of our Distress Management Digital Therapeutic with Dr. Areej Jawahri at MGH hospital and Dr Hermi Amonoo at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

  • Partnered with 2 of the largest VR headset makers, HTC and PICO

  • Selected as finalists in not one but two leading start-up awards: Boston Inno Fire Awards and the Tech in Motion Timmy Awards

  • Selected as top 150 Digital Health start-ups by CB Insights

  • Completed 2 Accelerators, Zero to 510k and New Chip

New VR Developments and Interventions:

  • 8 Breathtaking nature environments

  • 18 Interactive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Games

  • 25 VR Enhanced meditative experiences

  • Group Therapy, Community Center and Meditation Metaverse Spaces

  • Distress Management Digital Therapeutic Program for hospitalized patients

Research Studies

  • Launched an 80-patient RCT trial with MGH Hospital to validate our digital therapeutic’s efficacy in treating multiple indications including depression, anxiety, quality of life, coping, PTSD and healthcare utilization

  • Launched a 24-patient research study with Tom Baker Cancer Center studying VR Meditation’s effects on Chronic Cancer Pain with Dr Linda Carlson and Zen Gajtani

  • Signed an agreement with Penn Medicine Abramson Cancer Center to Study the Use of VR in Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy (estimated kick-off Q1, 2023 )

Media Coverage

This year we were busy and got our name out there for the first time with dozens of media mentions, podcasts and events:

Article Features

Rocket VR Health was featured in multiple articles including:

Feature discussing our partnership with Penn Medicine in DotMed News

Feature on how VR can transform mental health treatments in The Daily Beast

Interview with Co-Founder Nik Vassev in Modern Professional Magazine

Feature discussing VR meditation for pain reduction in CURE Today

Op-ed discussing how the metaverse will reshape mental health in Entrepreneur

Selected as an XR Innovator worth watching for by XR Today

Op-ed discussing how Digital Therapeutics are revolutionizing healthcare delivery in Forbes


The Bio Report Podcast: Using Virtual Reality-Guided Mindfulness to Treat Chronic Pain

Health Tech Spotlight Podcast: Podcast with Sid Desai, CEO and co-founder of RVH

The Next Big Play: Improving your mental health in the metaverse

We're looking forward to building on this success and continuing to push the boundaries of what's possible in our industry. We believe that the coming year will bring even more opportunities for growth and innovation and we are confident in our ability to seize them. We are dedicated to providing the best possible products and services to our customers and to making a meaningful impact in the virtual reality industry.

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